Natalia Pardalis is finally releasing her long waited full EP I’m in love with fairy tales. Natalia’s last album Life led us through an exploration of her life over a 10 years period. This time Natalia takes on our cultural phenomenon of seeking romance and love through our obsession of fairytales. Be ready on November 6th to experience a live performance of her intimate album along with a visual display to incite all of your senses.

A Spectacular masquerade of sounds, visuals, tastes, and smells — a full discovery of the senses. A menagerie of local talent exploring romance led by Natalia Pardalis.

What to expect from Natalia? Skyy Power from She-Boom 100.5 FM says, “Cabaret, Operatic, hints of Jazz, Classical?  Take your pick as Natalia is a playful yet seriously convincing Songstress to reckon with and will go very Far indeed!”

Sharing the stage with Natalia, Violinist Elena Bax, The Yarrow String Quartet and award winning dancer Alexia Dickson will also take the stage.

WHEN: November 6th @ 3:30 pm
WHERE: Tom Lee Music Hall 929 Granville St A Masquerade Spectacular

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